METER:  76 76 D
This is the meter for the hymn "The Church's One Foundation"

1.  The heav'ns de-clare God's glo-ry,
    The skies his han-di-work.
    From day to day speech pours forth,
    And know-ledge night to night.
    There is no speech, no words used,
    And not a sound is heard;
    But through all earth the mes-sage
    Goes out to earth's far ends.
2.  God made with-in the heav-ens
    A home to give the sun,
    Which comes out like a bride-groom
    Who comes out at the dawn,
    Or like a run-ner ea-ger
    To run the race with joy;
    From ris-ing until set-ting
    No-thing es-capes its heat.
3.  Per-fect is Yah-weh's teach-ing,
    It gives life to the soul;
    Sure is his test-i-mo-ny,
    Which makes the sim-ple wise.
    The pre-cepts of God are right,
    En-light-en-ing the eyes;
    Clean is the fear of Yah-weh,
    For-ev-er it en-dures.
4.  True are God's test-i-mo-nies,
    And al-to-geth-er just.
    They're bet-ter than fine gold, and
    Sweet-er than hon-ey pure.
    They warn and give me know-ledge;
    O-be-dience gives re-wards.
    But who can see one's own faults?
    Clear me from hid-den sins.
5.  Keep me from will-ful sins, Lord;
    Let them not rule o'er me.
    Then I shall be found blame-less,
    And free from e-vil ways.
    Let what I say and think be
    Ac-cept-a-ble to you,
    O Lord, who are my ref-uge
    And my re-deem-ing one.

Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Sing the Psalms! by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1988 Dale A. Schoening.

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