METER:  10 10 10 10
This is the same meter as the hymn "Abide with Me"

1.  Those who trust God are like the mount of Zi'n,
    Which can't be moved; for-ev-er it shall stand.
    As moun-tains high sur-round Je-ru-sa-lem,
    God ev-er-more en-com-pass-es his own.
2.  For e-vil's pow'r shall not rule in the land
    Which is al-lot-ted to God's right-eous ones,
    So right-eous ones will not do what is wrong.
    Do good, O Lord, to those who do what's good.
3.  Do good to those who are up-right in heart.
    But those who turn and fol-low crook-ed ways
    God leads a-way with all who e-vil do.
    May peace for-ev-er be on Is-ra-el!

Copyright 2000 Dale A. Schoening.

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