First Sunday of AdventPsalm 80:1-7, 17-19
Second Sunday of AdventPsalm 85:1-2, 8-13
Third Sunday of AdventPsalm 126Luke 1:46b-55
Fourth Sunday of AdventLuke 1:46b-55Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26
Christmas, Proper IPsalm 96
Christmas, Proper IIPsalm 97
Christmas, Proper IIIPsalm 98
First Sunday after ChristmasPsalm 148
Holy Name of Jesus/Mary, Mother of God (Jan. 1)Psalm 8
New Year's Day (Jan. 1)Psalm 8
Second Sunday after ChristmasPsalm 147:12-20Wisdom 10:15-21
Epiphany of the Lord (Jan. 6)Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14
Baptism of the Lord/First Sunday after the Epiphany/First Sunday in Ordinary TimePsalm 29
Second Sunday after the Epiphany/Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18
Third Sunday after the Epiphany/Third Sunday in Ordinary TimePsalm 62:5-12
Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany/Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimePsalm 111
Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany/Fifth Sunday in Ordinary TimePsalm 147:1-11, 20c
Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany/Sixth Sunday in Ordinary TimePsalm 30
Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany/Seventh Sunday in Ordinary TimePsalm 41
Eighth Sunday after the Epiphany/Eighth Sunday in Ordinary TimePsalm 103:1-13, 22
Ninth Sunday after the Epiphany/Ninth Sunday in Ordinary TimePsalm 81:1-10
Transfiguration of the Lord/Last Sunday after the EpiphanyPsalm 50:1-6
Ash WednesdayPsalm 51:1-17
First Sunday in LentPsalm 25:1-10
Second Sunday in LentPsalm 22:23-31
Third Sunday in LentPsalm 19
Fourth Sunday in LentPsalm 107:1-3, 17-22
Fifth Sunday in LentPsalm 51:1-12Psalm 119:9-16
Holy Weekclick here
Easter Vigilclick here
Easter DayPsalm 118:1-2, 14-24
Easter EveningPsalm 114
Second Sunday of EasterPsalm 133
Third Sunday of EasterPsalm 4
Fourth Sunday of EasterPsalm 23
Fifth Sunday of EasterPsalm 22:25-31
Sixth Sunday of EasterPsalm 98
Ascension of the LordPsalm 47Psalm 93
Seventh Sunday of EasterPsalm 1
PentecostPsalm 104:24-34, 35b
Trinity Sunday/First Sunday after PentecostPsalm 29
Proper 3/Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (May 24-28 if after Trinity Sunday)
Psalm 103:1-13, 22
Proper 4/Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time (May 29-June 4 if after Trinity Sunday)
Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18Psalm 81:1-10
Proper 5/Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 5-11 if after Trinity Sunday)
Psalm 138Psalm 130
Proper 6/Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 12-18 if after Trinity Sunday)
Psalm 20Psalm 92:1-4, 12-15
Proper 7/Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 19-25 if after Trinity Sunday)
Psalm 9:9-20Psalm 133Psalm 107:1-3, 23-32
Proper 8/Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 26-July 2)
Psalm 130Lamentations 3:23-33Psalm 30
Proper 9/Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 3-9)Psalm 48Psalm 123
Proper 10/Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 10-16)Psalm 24Psalm 85:8-13
Proper 11/Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 17-23)Psalm 89:20-37Psalm 23
Proper 12/Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 24-30)
Psalm 14Psalm 145:10-18
Proper 13/Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 31-August 6)
Psalm 51:1-12Psalm 78:23-29
Proper 14/Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 7-13)Psalm 130Psalm 34:1-8
Proper 15/Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 14-20)Psalm 111Psalm 34:9-14
Proper 16/Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 21-27)
Psalm 84Psalm 34:15-22
Proper 17/Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 28-September 3)
Psalm 45:1-2, 6-9Psalm 15
Proper 18/Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 4-10)
Psalm 125Psalm 146
Proper 19/Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 11-17)
Psalm 19Wisdom 7:26-8:1Psalm 116:1-9
Proper 20/Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 18-24)Psalm 1Psalm 54
Proper 21/Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 25-October 1)
Psalm 124Psalm 19:7-14
Proper 22/Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 2-8)Psalm 26Psalm 8
Proper 23/Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 9-15)
Psalm 22:1-15Psalm 90:12-17
Proper 24/Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 16-22)
Psalm 104:1-9, 24, 35cPsalm 91:9-16
Proper 25/Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 23-29)
Psalm 34:1-8, (19-22)Psalm 126
Proper 26/Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 30-November 5)
Psalm 146Psalm 119:1-8
Proper 27/Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (November 6-12)
Psalm 127Psalm 146
Proper 28/Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (November 13-19)
1 Samuel 2:1-10Psalm 16
Proper 29/Thirty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time/Reign of Christ/Christ the King(November 20-26)Psalm 132:1-12, (13-18)Psalm 93
All Saints (November 1 or 1st Sunday in November)Psalm 24
Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November [US], 2nd Monday in October [Canada])Psalm 126
Presentation of the Lord (February 2)Psalm 84Psalm 24:7-10
Annunciation of the Lord (March 25)Psalm 45Psalm 40:5-10
Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth (May 31)Psalm 113
Holy Cross (September 14)Psalm 98:1-5Psalm 78:1-2, 34-38