METER:  87 87
("All Who Love and Serve Your City" or "Cross of Jesus, Cross of Sorrow")

1.  Yahweh, God of my salvation, when at night I cry to you,
    Let my prayer be placed before you, turn and listen to my cry.
2.  For my soul is filled with troubles, and I am about to die.
    I am helpless and forsaken; you forgot and cut me off.
3.  In the depths of deepest darkness, I can only feel your wrath,
    Overwhelmed by waves of anger.  This is what my life is like.
4.  Friends can't stand to be around me, trapped inside a jail of woe.
    Yet each day I call to you, Lord, I reach out my hands to you.
5.  Do you do great deeds for dead ones?  Do the shadows praise your name?
    Do the corpses call you faithful?  Do they know your saving deeds?
6.  Still, each morning I cry to you.  Why are you ignoring me?
    Since my youth life's been a terror; I have only known despair.
7.  In your anger you attack me, from all sides I am closed in.
    You've made friend and neighbor shun me, darkness is my only friend.

Copyright 2008 Dale A. Schoening.

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