PSALM 86:1-10, 16-17
METER:  CM (86 86)
This is the meter of such hymns as "O God, Our Help in Ages Past" and "Am I a Soldier of the Cross."

1.  In-cline your ear, Lord, an-swer me,
    For I am poor and low.
    Pre-serve me for my loy-al-ty;
    Your serv-ant trusts in you.
2.  You are my God; have mer-cy, Lord,
    I pray to you all day.
    O make your serv-ant's soul be glad,
    I lift my soul to you.
3.  Lord, you are good and par-don-ing.
    Your stead-fast love a-bounds
    To all who call on you; O Lord,
    Please listen to my pray'r.
4.  When I'm in trou-ble, I call you,
    For you will an-swer me.
    There is no god like you, O Lord,
    No one can match your deeds.
5.  All na-tions you have made shall come
    And bow to praise you, Lord;
    For you are great and won-ders do;
    Yes, you a-lone are God.
6.  Turn to me, mer-cy have on me,
    And give your serv-ant strength.
    Save me, for I'm your faith-ful child,
    Child of your serv-ing girl.
7.  Show me a sign of fa-vor, that
    My ad-ver-sar-ies see
    And be a-shamed, for you, O Lord,
    Have helped and strength-ened me.

Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Supplementary Volume to Sing the Psalms by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1992 Dale A. Schoening.

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