METER:  10 10 10 10
This is the same meter as the hymn "Abide with Me"

1.  How love-ly is your dwell-ing place, O Lord!
    My soul longs to be pres-ent in your courts.
    With joy I sing to you with heart and flesh,
    To you, O liv-ing God of pow'r and might.
2.  Even the spar-row finds a place to nest
    And swal-lows find a place to lay their young
    Near to your al-tars, Lord, my King and God.
    Blest they who dwell in your house, sing-ing praise.
3.  Bless-ed are they whose strength is found in you,
    Your pil-grim peo-ple trav-eling to your house.
    They make the waste-land burst with springs and rain.
    They grow in strength as they see God in Zi'n.
4.  Lord God Al-might-y, hear my hum-ble plea;
    O God of Ja-cob, listen to my pray'r!
    Look on our rul-er, bless him with your might,
    Look on the face of your a-noint-ed one.
5.  One day in your courts is far bet-ter than
    One thou-sand days in an-y oth-er place.
    I'd rath-er stand in God's house at the door
    Than live with-in the homes of wick-ed ones.
6.  For our Lord God is glo-ri-ous and strong;
    He bless-es us; fa-vor and hon-or gives.
    God gives good things to those who do what's right.
    Blest is the one, O Lord, who trusts in you.

Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Sing the Psalms! by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1988 Dale A. Schoening.

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