PSALM 80:7-15
METER:  76 76 D
This is the meter of such hymns as "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded."

1.  Al-might-y God, re-store us,
    Have mer-cy and save us.
    You brought a vine from E-gypt,
    And plant-ed it a-new.
    You cleared out na-tions for it,
    It took root and it grew.
    It shad-ed all the mount-ains
    And might-y ce-dars, too.
2.  It stretched from Sea to Riv-er.
    So why'd you break its walls?
    So pas-sers-by its fruit take,
    And wild things hav-oc wreak?
    Lord of hosts, turn back to us,
    Look down from heav'n and see;
    Have pity on your plant-ing,
    Placed there by your right hand.

Copyright 2002 Dale A. Schoening

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