PSALM 69:7-18
METER:  CM (86 86)
This is the meter for hymns such as "O God, Our Help in Ages Past".
NOTE:  If you choose not to use vv. 11-15 of the psalm, which are optional for Proper 7, Year A, omit stanzas 3-5.

1.  For your sake I have borne re-proach
    And shame cov-ers my face.
    My sib-lings don't ac-know-ledge me,
    I'm al-ien to my kin.
2.  Zeal for your house has me con-sumed;
    Those who scorn you, scorn me.
    When I did cry and fast for you,
    My foes in-sult-ed me.
3.  When I put on sack-cloth and mourned,
    They made of me a joke.
    They talk a-bout me in the streets;
    Of me the drunks sing songs.
4.  But my pray'r is to you, O Lord;
    In your time, an-swer me
    Out of your great and con-stant love,
    And of your faith-ful help.
5.  Save me from sink-ing in the mud,
    From foes and wat-ers deep.
    Don't let the floods and depths drown me,
    Don't give me up to death.
6.  O Lord my God, please an-swer me;
    Your stead-fast love is good.
    Be-cause in mer-cy you a-bound,
    Turn your face un-to me.
7.  Don't hide your face; I'm in dis-tress,
    Make haste to an-swer me!
    Come near to me; re-deem me, Lord,
    And free me from my foes.

Copyright 2002 Dale A. Schoening

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