PSALM 40:5-10
METER:  88 88 88
This is the meter for the hymn "Faith of Our Fathers."

1.  Lord, won-drous things you've done for us;
    There is no one as great as you.
    So won-drous are your plans for us,
    Far more than I could ev-er tell.
    You don't want of-fered sac-ri-fice;
    Burnt gifts for sin you do not ask.
2.  You've giv-en me an ear to hear;
    So I have said, "Lord, here I am!
    My faith-ful-ness you've writ-ten down;
    I love to do your will, O God,
    I keep your teach-ings in my heart."
    I've told the news of how you save.
3.  In the as-sem-bly of your own
    You know I've not re-strained my lips.
    Your sav-ing help I've hid-den not;
    I tell your sav-ing faith-ful-ness;
    Your stead-fast love and faith-ful-ness
    I do not from your peo-ple hide.

Adapted 2001 from Sing the Psalms! by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1988 Dale A. Schoening.

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