PSALM 37:21-28a
METER:  9 10 9 9 9 9 9 9
(“Blessed Assurance”)

1.  Wick-ed ones bor-row, but don’t pay back,
    Gen-‘rous and giv-ing are the right-eous ones;
    Those the Lord bless-es re-ceive the land,
    But those God curs-es shall be cut off.
    God makes our steps firm when we please him;
    E’en when we stum-ble, we shall not fall
    Flat on our fac-es, for the Lord God
    Holds us se-cure-ly with his own hands.
2.  All through my life I nev-er have seen
    Just ones for-sak-en and beg-ging for bread.
    Just ones give free-ly, will-ing to lend;
    They teach their child-ren oth-ers to bless.
    De-part from e-vil, al-ways do good,
    So you shall al-ways live in the Lord.
    The Lord loves just-ice; nev-er wil he
    For-sake those who are faith-ful to him.

Copyright © 2011 Dale A. Schoening.

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