PSALM 36:5-11
METER:  76 76 D
This is the meter for hymns such as "The Church's One Foundation"

1.  Your love and faith-ful-ness, Lord,
    Reach to the clouds and sky.
    Your just-ice tow'rs like moun-tains,
    You judge with depth like seas.
    Hu-mans and beasts you save, Lord.
    How pre-cious is your love.
    All find their safe-ty un-der
    The shad-ow of your wings.
2.  They feast on your a-bun-dance,
    They drink your streams of joy.
    You are of life the foun-tain,
    In your light we see light.
    Show your love to your peo-ple,
    Save the up-right in heart.
    Don't let proud ones tread on me,
    Or foes drive me a-way.

Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Supplementary Volume to Sing the Psalms by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1992 Dale A. Schoening.

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