METER:  10 10 11 11
This is the same meter as the hymn "O Worship the King."

1.  A-scribe to the Lord, O be-ings of heav'n,
    A-scribe to the Lord all glo-ry and strength.
    A-scribe to the Lord his most glo-ri-ous name,
    And wor-ship the Lord God in holy ar-ray.
2.  The voice of the Lord is heard in the seas,
    On wat-ers God's glo-ry thun-ders in might.
    The voice of the Lord is so migh-ty with pow'r;
    Ma-jes-tic in-deed is the voice of the Lord.
3.  The voice of the Lord the ce-dars does break,
    The ce-dars of Leb-a-non he breaks down.
    He makes Leb-a-non for to skip like a calf,
    Like a young wild ox he makes Mount Her-mon leap.
4.  The voice of the Lord shoots forth flames of fire.
    The wil-der-ness shakes, the wastes of Ka-desh.
    His voice makes the oaks whirl, and strips for-ests bare;
    And all in his Tem-ple cry, "Glo-ry to God!"
5.  The Lord sits en-throned high o-ver the flood;
    The Lord sits en-throned for-ev-er as king.
    May God in his mer-cy his peo-ple give strength.
    May God ev-er bless all his peo-ple with peace.

Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Sing the Psalms! by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1988 Dale A. Schoening.
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