METER:  66 66 88
This is the same meter as the hymn "Rejoice, the Lord Is King"

1.  My shep-herd is the Lord,
    I shall not be in want.
    I lie in pas-tures green,
    By wat-ers still he leads.
    My soul he does re-store, and leads
    In right-eous paths for his name's sake.
2.  In death's dark vale I walk,
    But I won't be a-fraid.
    For you, Lord, are with me,
    Your guid-ance com-forts me.
    For me a ta-ble you pre-pare
    Be-fore my ver-y en-e-mies.
3.  On my head you pour oil,
    Your bless-ings o-ver-flow.
    God's good-ness and his mer-cy
    E'er shall fol-low me.
    And I will live with-in your house,
    O Lord, my God, for ev-er-more.

Copyright 2000 Dale A. Schoening.

Note:  My favorite setting of this psalm is actually the old Scottish Psalter setting from 1650, which is found in most hymnals.  I provide this as an alternative for those seeking one.

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