METER:  11 11 11 9 16 14
This is the tune to the hymn "Standing on the Promises."

1.  May the Lord when you're in trou-ble an-swer you!
    May the name of Ja-cob's God pro-tect you e'er.
    From the sanc-tu-ar-y may he send you help,
    And from Zi-on give you his sup-port.
    May he all your of-fer-ings re-mem-ber when you give them to him,
    May he be pleased your sac-ri-fic-es ev-er to ac-cept.
2.  May he grant your heart's de-sire, your plans ful-fill.
    May we shout with joy a-bout your vic-to-ry,
    Cel-e-brat-ing as we praise the Lord our God.
    May the Lord our God grant your re-quests.
    Now I know that God helps his a-noint-ed from his ho-ly heav-en,
    He will an-swer with vic-to-ries by his al-might-y pow'r.
3.  Some trust in their char-i-ots, some in their steeds,
    But our trust shall e'er be in the Lord our God.
    Those who trust in war ma-chines will sure-ly fall,
    But we who trust in the Lord will stand.
    To the king, Lord, give your vic-to-ry by way of your great pow-er;
    An-swer us, Lord, when-e'er we call up-on your ho-ly name.

Reprinted by perimsssion of the published from Sing the Psalms! by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1988 Dale A. Schoening.

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