PSALM 107:1-3, 23-32
METER:  77 77 77
This is the meter of the hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth."

1.  Give God thanks, for he is good,
    End-less is his stead-fast love.
    Let his ran-somed speak his praise,
    Who he has re-deemed from woe
    And has gath-ered from the lands,
    From the east, west, north, and south.
2.  Some went to the sea in ships,
    Do-ing busi-ness on the waves;
    They saw Yah-weh's might-y deeds,
    And his won-ders in the deep.
    God called forth the storm-y wind,
    Which raised up the sea in waves.
3.  Ships rose high, then down they plunged,
    Sail-ors' cour-age melt-ed down,
    Reel-ing, stag-g'ring as if drunk,
    At wits' end they found them-selves.
    Then they cried out to the Lord,
    And he saved them from dis-tress.
4.  Storm and waves God qui-et-ed,
    Glad-ly a safe port they reached.
    Let them thank God for his love,
    For his works to hu-man-kind.
    Let them praise the Lord be-fore
    All the gath-ered ones of God.

Stanza 1 reprinted by permission of the publisher from Sing the Psalms! by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1988 Dale A. Schoening.  Stanzas 2-4 copyright 2000 Dale A. Schoening.

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