METER:  SM (66 86)
This is the same meter of such hymns as "O Day of God, Draw Nigh" and "I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord"

1.  In one God we be-lieve,
    The Fa-ther al-might-y,
    Who made the heav-en and the earth
    And all seen and un-seen.
2.  In one Lord we be-lieve,
    Christ Je-sus, God's one Son,
    The Fa-ther's own whom he be-gat
    From all e-ter-ni-ty,
3.  God from God, Light from Light,
    True God from true God, too;
    Christ with the Fa-ther is as one,
    Through him all things were made.
4.  From heav-en he came down
    To save us from our sin,
    Of Ma-ry and the Spi-rit born
    In tru-ly hu-man flesh.
5.  He suf-fered death for us,
    Through Pi-late cru-ci-fied.
    They bur-ied him; he rose a-gain
    Ac-cord-ing to God's Word.
6.  To hu-mans he has come
    And sits at God's right hand;
    He'll come in power to judge all flesh,
    His king-dom nev-er ends.
7.  The Spi-rit we con-fess,
    The true life-giv-ing Lord,
    Who from the Fa-ther does pro-ceed
    And from the Son as well.
8.  With Fa-ther and with Son
    The Spi-rit's glo-ri-fied,
    Is wor-shipped and a-dored, for he
    Speaks through the pro-phets' words.
9.  In one church we be-lieve,
    Holy and cath-o-lic,
    The ap-o-stol-ic church, made up
    Of all who are Christ's own.
10.  One bap-tism we de-clare
    That sins should be for-given;
    We wait the ris-ing of the dead,
    And for the life to come.
Copyright 2005 Dale A. Schoening 
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