LUKE 1:46b-55
This is the meter of such hymns as "Lord, Speak to Me" and "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow"

1.  My soul does mag-ni-fy the Lord,
    Re-joic-ing in my sav-ing God,
    For God has shown re-gard to me,
    A low-ly, hum-ble hand-maid-en.
2.  From now on gen-e-ra-tions all
    Will say that I am tru-ly blest,
    For God has done great things for me.
    Ho-ly and right-eous is God's name.
3.  God shows to gen-e-ra-tions all
    Mer-cy to all who fear God's name.
    God has stretched out a might-y arm
    And scat-tered proud ones with their plans.
4.  God brings down rul-ers from their thrones,
    And rais-es up the low-ly ones;
    God fills the hun-gry with good things,
    But sends the rich emp-ty a-way.
5.  Re-mem-b'ring to be mer-ci-ful,
    God has helped ser-vant Is-ra-el
    As prom-ised to our an-ces-tors,
    To A-brah'm's fam-i-ly al-ways.

Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Sing the Psalms! by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1988 Dale A. Schoening.  Alt. 2000, 2008 Dale A. Schoening.

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