Here are some links to a variety of websites relating to psalm singing and to worship in general.  Some of these I use, others have been recommended by visitors to this site.

Liturgies Online (Moira Laidlaw)--full lectionary based liturgical texts, hymn suggestions, children's sermon ideas, etc. for each Sunday of the year.  Good material.  Australian context.
The Billabong (Jeff Shrowder)--Another Australian resource.  This one includes a variety of psalm-based liturgical materials, along with hymn suggestions and other resources.
HymnSite (Chris Radke)--lectionary hymn suggestions based on The United Methodist Hymnal.  Also has metrical psalm materials from much older metrical psalters.
Sermons & Sermon-Lectionary Resources (Richard Fairchild and Brett Blair)--contains original sermons and liturgies based on the Revised Common Lectionary, seasonal materials, and links to the world's best RCL and preaching resources.  Based in Canada.
Together to Celebrate (David MacGregor)--lectionary-based listing of contemporary Christian music, including some of his own composition.  Also from Australia.
The Text This Week (Jenee Woodard)--a whole variety of resources.  Particularly valuable to me on this site is access to lectionary based artwork that can be copied free off the Web.
Music for the Church of God (United Church of God)--includes metrical psalm texts from several sources, including complete texts of some of the early ones such as Sternhold and Hopkins, Tate and Brady, and the Scottish Psalter of 1650, as well as links fo several on-line hymnal sources.
Psalms in Song:  Music Book and Teaching Resources (Donna Moss)--features links to Psalms-related articles, sermons, teaching tips, music, books, children's ministry resources, and other Psalms websites.
MIDI Files of all 150 Genevan Psalm tunes (Reformed Church, Dinteloord, Netherlands)--If you are looking for the tunes written at the order of John Calvin for the psalms sung in the Reformed tradition since Reformation times, you will find them here.  Site is in Dutch, but easy to figure out.
Crown & Covenant Publications (Reformed Presbyterian Church)--This is the publishing concern of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, a denomination which sings only metrical psalms in worship.  The site has for sale a number of metrical song books and recordings, both U.S. and international in focus.  Also offers an instructional course in psalm singing.
Bible in Song (Cyril Pepper)--Based in Australia.  Has available MP3 samples of a number of sung psalm compositions, and sells CD's of the same, all set by Cyril Pepper.  Also includes settings of some other Biblical texts.  All settings use the King James Version text.
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)--Calvin College is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church, another denomination that makes extensive use of metrical psalms.  This site includes resources for jazz settings of the psalms they have done for a "contemporary" worship service at the college.
PsalmCast (John Butler)--This site has commentary and links to sound files (MP3 and otherwise) of a variety of musical settings of psalms.  This site is added to regularly.
Metrical Psalms in Spanish (Iglesia del Señor Viviente-de la Iglesia Presbiteriana Ortodoxa [Church of the Living Lord-of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church], Santa Ana, California, USA)--This website actually includes four different Spanish language metrical psalters.   The first is that of Juan LeQuesne, whose metrical psalter was published in 1606, 60 years after his martyrdom.  The second is the Salterio de Ginebra, also known as the FELiRe Psalter.  Then there is a group of psalms set to modern tunes.  And in process is adding the psalm translations of Juan de Valdés.
The Psalms of David in Metre (Church of Scotland)--This is the 1991 update of the 1841 American edition of the Scottish Psalter of 1650.
The Psalter (Protestant Reformed Churches in America)--Text of the metrical psalms used by this denomination that sings only psalms in worship.   Also includes metrical settings of the Lord's Prayer and some New Testament canticles. (Matthew McDevitt)--Sells unique Gregorian chant CD's including psalms and other hymns.  Includes several free chant downloads.
Liturgy:  Christian Worship & Spirituality (Bosco Peters)--Serving individuals and communities seeking to have worship and spirituality that is vital, transforming, and faithful.  Based in New Zealand.
Offertory Prayers (Center for Christian Stewardship, General Board of Discipleship, The United Methodist Church)--Lectionary-based offertory prayers for every Sunday of the Christian year.  New prayers are posted monthly.
Resources for Revised Common Lectionary (Bruce Prewer)--Another Australian resource, containing orders of worship, original poetry, and sermons.
Worship and Preaching (David Beswick)--Yet another from Australia.  Includes readings, hymn suggestions, sermons, and orders of worship.
Lectionary Liturgies (Thom Shuman)--This blog, updated weekly, includes liturgical materials for the Revised Common Lectionary.
Outside the Box (Katherine Hawker)--"Litanies, poems and prayers ... written for local church communities that are committed to "thinking outside the box" and "coloring outside the lines".
Cokesbury's Worship Connection:  For All the Ways We Worship (Cokesbury, retail arm of the United Methodist Publishing House)--Free worship services and ideas for each Sunday and special day.  Lectionary-based.
Laughing Bird Liturgical Resources (Nathan Nettleton)--Also from Australia.  Prayers, sermons, Australian-context paraphrases of Scripture for each Sunday of the lectionary.
Sermons, Liturgies and Articles from a progressive/post-liberal theological perspective (Rex A. E. Hunt)--Also Australian.  Title needs no furher explanation. (Robin Mann)--One of Australia's leading composers and collectors of Christian songs for the local church.  Includes his discography, some lyrics, a few sample MP3 files, and the opportunity to purchase his work.
Leigh Newton (Leigh Newton)--Another Australian hymn and songwriter.  This site includes some sheet music in pdf format as well as several MP3 files.
ServiceMusic:  Music for Church Worship (David Lee)--From the United Kingdom.  Includes canticles, psalms, and hymns in a wide variety of musical styles, as well as other church music.  Some of the hymn texts are from well known contemporary hymnwriters such as Brian Wren and Timothy Dudley-Smith.  Most items are free downloads for local churches as long as copyright terms are followed.

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