The CyberHymnal
A huge compendium of tunes for some 3,800 hymns.  Includes a metrical index and tune name index.  MIDI sound files for the tunes are also included.  My only minor complaint for this site is the MIDI files are done in piano sound with a fuzzy synthesizerish background that tends to make the melody hard to hear on some tunes.  However, of these two links, I find this one will probably be the more serviceable.

This is a work in progress to provide an online compendium of hymns from hymnals in the Anglican tradition.  The weakness of this site is the lack of a metrical index.  An index of tune names is provided, but clicking on the hymns listed as using those tune names will not necessarily yield that hymn tune.  You will be most successful searching by hymn title.  MIDI files for most tunes are provided, with a strong pipe organ sound.

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