METER:  IRREGULAR (but generally fits 65 65 D tunes with 65 65 Refrain)
This is the tune for "Onward, Christian Soldiers"

1.  Re-joice, heav'n-ly pow-ers,
    Choirs of an-gels, sing!
    Ex-ult, all cre-a-tion
    Round the throne of God!
    Je-sus Christ is ris-en,
    He's our ris-en King!
    Sound sal-va-tion's trum-pet,
    Let your prais-es ring!
    Re-joice, heav'n-ly pow-ers,
    Choirs of an-gels, sing!
    Je-sus Christ is ris-en,
    He's your ris-en King!

2.  Earth, re-joice in splen-dor,
    Shin-ing all a-round,
    Ra-diant in the bright-ness
    Of your ris-en King.
    Christ has con-quered death's pow'r!
    Glo-ry fills you now!
    Dark-ness now has van-ished,
    Nev-er to re-turn!

3.  With his blood Christ paid the
    Price of Ad-am's sin!
    This is our Pass-o-ver,
    When the Lamb is slain.
    Christ's blood con-se-crates all
    True be-liev-ers' homes.
    On this night you saved our fore-bears,
    Led them through the sea.

4.  On this night our Sav-ior
    Broke the chains of death,
    When he rose tri-um-phant,
    Con-quer-ing the grave.
    This night's tru-ly bless-ed,
    Heav'n u-nites with earth;
    All cre-a-tion ev-ery-where is
    Rec-on-ciled with God.

5.  May this Eas-ter can-dle
    Drive the dark a-way!
    May Christ, ris'n for-ev-er,
    Find this flame still burns;
    Christ, the Morn-ing Star, who
    Came back from the dead,
    Shines his peace-ful light on all,
    Reigns for ev-er-more.

Copyright 2001 Dale A. Schoening.

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