1 SAMUEL 2:1-10

1.  The Lord has filled my heart with joy;
    I'm hap-py for what God has done!
    My mouth de-rides my en-e-mies;
    I cel-e-brate my vic-tor-y!
    No one is ho-ly like the Lord,
    No one's like you, O God our Rock.
    Quit boast-ing in your ar-ro-gance,
    God knows, and judg-es what you do.
2.  God breaks the bows of might-y ones,
    God guides the weak ones with his strength,
    Those who were full must work to eat,
    But hun-gry ones have plen-ty now.
    The child-less wo-man sev-en bears,
    The one with man-y now has none.
    The Lord brings death and then brings life,
    Sends to She-ol and brings them back.
3.  God makes some poor and oth-ers rich,
    God hum-bles some, makes oth-ers great.
    God lifts the poor up from the dust,
    The need-y out of mis-e-ry.
    God makes them sit on roy-al thrones
    And makes them into hon-ored ones.' 
    The earth's foun-da-tions are the Lord's,
    Upon them he has built the world.
4.  God guards the steps of faith-ful ones,
    The wick-ed van-ish in the dark;
    For not by might does one pre-vail.
    The Lord de-stroys his en-e-mies.
    God thun-ders in the high-est heav'n.
    God judg-es all through-out the earth.
    Unto the king God will give pow'r,
    God's chos-en one he will ex-alt.

Reprinted by permission of the publisher from Supplementary Volume to Sing the Psalms by Dale A. Schoening.  Copyright 1992 Dale A. Schoening.

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